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Japanese demon lantern, really fun piece. We took best of day friday and first place large color with this in Milwaukee 2011Daruma, more fun stuff.Ahhh, the elusive Butterpotimus, very rare and hard to spot.Start of a hot rod/ trucker sleeve. more on this soon hopefully.A teachers tribute to her favorite rotten apples.BogartAnother progress shot of a sleeve I'm working on.I love this bully, tribute to the clients grandfathers who both served as marines.Smallest camel ever!So this could probably use a llittle explaining, The Cambells soup girl has reccently beheaded the purple pie guy on my good friend and chef SueFull on neck meatA little black and grey actionClassicYup, that giraffe is sporting chucks, this one belongs to my lovely wife.pretty self explanitoryGoofy animals are so much fun, also a small tribal cover up in this one.Micro boom!!My take on JesusYet another sleeve in progress.Old man loganMy favortie kind of trubute piece, very personalHooterAbout 36 hours in this oz sleeve, thanks Mandy for toughing it out.. freehand cover up action.School girl marionette, lots of fun and first place large color female vegas 2010The owner of this tattoo was born in Hawaii on christmas eve.Spider monkeyMore neck meatsChris Farley, shot from his last movieThis was a blast.Beer bottle and chicken wings for my favorite vegan Nachos cuz she's spicey!Cutter Ragiedy Anne
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